What are the best free web hosting services online and are there any sites that will register a domain name completely for free and let you make it up however you want? EX. www.(yourpreferedname).com

We hear this question often, and we will usually ask people to try Godaddy. Godaddy is one of the best domain registrar with cheapest prices and good domain manager.

If you are also looking for a web hosting service for your business, we recommend you try InMotion Hosting. If you are looking for a company with very few negative comments, then try search for InMotion Hosting review to see what we mean. They also give free domain name, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage, unlimited add-on domains, friendly Site builder and much more for such a low monthly price. You can get InMotion Hosting from only $3/month.

InMotion Hosting has been awarded 3 Star Certified Service Provider by CNET from 2003. Inmotion hosting is also accredited at Better Business Bureau (BBB) since 2002, with “A+” or the highest possible rating. This simply means that they are serious about customer support and we can guarantee you will not be dissapointed even if you are a beginner in website development.

InMotion Hosting will give your business an amazing extra-long guarantee if you act today!

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7 Answers

  1. soekind on Sep 08, 2011

    You will not find free domain like yourname.com unless you exchange some service with domain e.g. posting at forums etc…

    If you are serious about websites either for personal or your business, don’t go to free web hosting as they are usually not reliable and you may end up losing all your hard work. Free web hosts usually put advertisements on your websites and it could be annoying.

    If you like to create websites (usually you will end up more than 1 website), go for multiple web hosting services where you could host all your websites in one account.

    I would like to suggest following webhosting , they are excellent.

    Hostmonster http://www.hostmonster.com/track/ryukenden/

    They offer hosting of "unlimited domains" and you will get massive webspace of 200000 MB (200 GB ). They only charge $5.95/month and they offer "a free Domain Name" and installing service called "Fantastico". By using Fantastico, you could create own forum, photo gallery, shopping cart (e-commerce),your own auction site and your own blogs within few seconds. They also offer "Free Website Builder" as well.
    Visit the site to check details.

    Hostmonster http://www.hostmonster.com/track/ryukenden/

    Following site is quite good to register domains as price is reasonable with free privacy. Some charge about $5/ year just for free privacy.

    IPOWER http://www.anurl.com/?TXIBE

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  2. Luke K (www.lukeishere.com) on Sep 08, 2011

    Domain names cannot come free (as in my early webhosting days for my website www.lukeishere.com I discovered) because there is a fee for registering domain names.

    Some good ones I’ve found is Zoomshare.com, FreeWebs.com, Myspace.com, Envy.nu.

    You can also do a Google search and type in "Free Web hosting" and normally the top ones are the best picks.

    Hope I can answer your question! Feel free to contact me with your solution or any other problems/details at any time, either on Yahoo! Messenger or by email.

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  3. shamx on Sep 08, 2011

    I say www.free-site-host.com

    This site offers you 5000MB of server space, 100 Gigabit transfer per month, PHP support, upto 10 MYSQL databases, and an application installer for forums and blogs and some others. So I suggest you join with them, oh ya did I mention that there is a 99.98% server downtime rate?

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  4. Apple on Sep 08, 2011

    Free web hosting usually not reliable and it may DOWN,,DOWN,,DOWN,,So your vistor will not come back .All your hard work may be lost and Search Engines are NOT on friendly terms with free webhosting site.Free web hosting are also have a lot of annoying advertisement…
    I use HostMonster..HostMonster offers the absolute best value for web hosting available today. They have the best combination of features, reliability, speed, and price, as well as the ability to consistently maintain the best customer service in the industry. They also allow you to host UNLIMITED domains and UNLIMITED subdomains with 1 account! They offer UNLIMITED email accounts, extremely generous storage(200G!!!) and bandwidth(2000G!!!) allowance, eCommerce capibility, free setup, free domain for life, tons of free scripts and bonuses, they accept Paypal, and offer a 30-day money back guarantee. They also support PHP, MySQL, Perl, Ruby, SSL and more!

    HostMonster offers tons of additional useful web applications such as 100 free MySQL databases, spam protection, web templates, Agora Shopping Cart, OS Commerce, Fantastico script library, Form mail, Guestbook, Bulletin Board, PHP Nuke, Chat, Blogger, Promotion Tools, Image Galleries, Poll/Surveys, Web Auctions, and search engine submitter amongst others.

    Whether you are looking to host a personal hobby site or multiple, high-traffic, large eCommerce based storefront sites, HostMonster is currently the best value available.HostMonster also guarantees 99.9% network and server uptime.

    The price is only $5.95/month!!!


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  5. Dino on Sep 08, 2011

    i used many free web hosting services but i found in all free services have some problem. and no one can provided you free ".com" domain name and web hosting. so you can’t use free services for your professional work. i found http://www.urlstate.com/ this site provide good discount and many free feature with it.

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  6. euromania on Sep 08, 2011

    When you go with a FREE web hosting company you get a lot of advertising and not enough support. Please check out www.directspace.net where you will get low pricing and a reliable hosting provider!

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  7. killer_alimg on Sep 08, 2011

    The best free web hosting services I think is Freewevs because it offers an easy sub-domain name to remember (for my opinion) and it has a lot of add-ins (forum, shoutbox, guest book, etc).

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