How To Give a Domain Name as a Gift for the New Year

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Who else wants unique gift ideas for a special event? Although it's a little techie and somewhat eccentric, this gift is a lot more personalized than the usual camera or cellphone – try giving a domain name to your loved one. Here are some reasons why it is a good idea: Here are some great reasons why a domain name is a good idea: 10. It’s hypoallergenic. 9. It is easier to find a good domain name than an iPhone 5. 8. No assembly required (no instructions in foreign languages to fumble through.) 7. Better than the really last-minute pick (a lottery ticket). 6. Save a tree — you don’t have to wrap it! 5. Give someone the secret identity they’ve always wanted. 4. Domains are cheap; you can register one for a year for as little as $6.95 3. Less risky than a magazine subscription (nobody else can give the same domain name) 2. It can be passed down from generation to generation. 1. You can buy it at 11:59pm on the day before the birthday, wedding, anniversary or any special day, and still have it in time. Owning a domain only gives you the rights to the name, e.g., jasonandjosephine.com. It is like a declaration that the name is yours. You can go to any of the web domain registration companies such as Godaddy or Namecheap to purchase a domain name.

More Gifts Ideas

But if you essentially choose to use the domain name for a web site, e-mail, etc., you might want to have the domain hosted. Owning 1 without hosting it can be referred to as “parking” the domain. Less than $10 a month gets you hosting for that domain. We have been using Hostgator for more than 8 years and it has been the best one out of 30+ hosting companies that we have tried. So bottom line, $120 (or less) buys a hosted domain for a year. A domain is so intangible that you may want something solid to go together with it. As well as the obvious choice may be a set of gorgeous business cards with the new domain particulars on them. VistaPrint will print 250 business cards in color for 20 bucks (or free for new buyers, with a under $10 shipping-handling charge).

Domain Name Ideas

What do you do if the name you want is taken? Be creative. Change the word order. Use .net, .org, .name, & others. Try synonyms. Here are more ideas:
  • Use names: www.MatthewsPlace.com or www.DawsonsCreek.com
  • Small business owner name: www.JohnPlumbing.com
  • Use nicknames: www.RockRobbert.com or www.ChefIsmail.com
  • Incorporate a persons interests: www.GolferAndrew.com
  • Incorporate a quirks: www.SreaminJessy.com
  • Incorporate job: www.JillsALawyer.com or www.DrWilliamStevens.com
  • Make a statement: www.ILoveBetty.com or www.BewareOfObama.com
  • Name of pet: www.DorothysDad.com

Best Companies to Use

You will notice about 70 gazillion sites that let you register domain names, and a further 30 gazillion which will host that name for you. And there is certainly plenty of overlap. There are also plenty of sites that will help you find a hosting company; check out Web Hosting Comparison and best hosting services. If you do not have the time to research for the best domain registration company or web hosting, then here is our recommendations:

Best Domain Registrar:
  • Namecheap has overall best prices for all top level domains
  • Netfirms for the cheapest .COM domain registration
  • Godaddy for cheap $1.99 .INFO domains
Best Domain Hosting:
  • Hostgator for most comprehensive DIY hosting including Sitebuilders with 4000+ unique templates, one-click-installer for lots of web applications, shopping cart, forum, and much more. Click here to try for a penny.
  • Weebly for simple website builder with beautiful templates. Nothing fancy but straightforward easy-to-use website creation tool. Click here to try for free.